The magical world of the Dolomites

Ride In Cortina is a registered trademark that identifies mountain bike guides with the Ride In Cortina certificate that recognizes the ability to ride a bike and teach at an excellent level.

We work mainly in the Ampezzo Dolomites, precisely in Cortina d’Ampezzo and surroundings. There are hundreds of kilometers of trails and roads for mountain biking, all surrounded by nature and the wonderful Cortina Dolomites. If you are looking for an expert who can guide you on your mountain bike, the Ride In Cortina Guides is the only solution!

Your tour

Discovering new places and trails on your mountain bike or e-bike, is always a fantastic experience.

Thanks to the knowledge of the territory of the Ride In Cortina guides, the offer you a perfect tour for your bike level. 

For years some Ride In Cortina guides have organized mountain bike tours, group or individual, if you are looking for a Professional, our Staff is perfect for you!

Starting from € 30 per person

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The importance of having a good mountain bike technique is often underestimated, in fact many cyclists don’t know the basics of mountainbike riding. Our guides are specialized in teaching modern riding techniques, so they know perfectly how to increase the riding level of every cyclist. Some Ride In Cortina guides have participated in multiple enduro and crosscountry world cup races, races that test the athlete’s technique and endurance.

If you are looking for a professional who can help you improve your technique, a Guide Ride In Cortina is the best solution!

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Courses for children

Our mtb camps are made for kids from 5 years old, we want to teach them the value of the outdoor activity by putting fun, and safety of course, at first.

We start from focusing on the bike, so they can learn where and how to look to check out if the bike it’s ok and ready to ride, wich is the most important thing to start with before riding. So for example checking if the wheels are properly locked to the frame and fork, if the brakes are working and if there are no flat tires and other issues that compromise the bike functions and safety.

Then after checking the bike and the protective equipment we start focusing on riding and improving skills, with young kids we start from very basic things, like the correct technique for turns etc, adding small artificial obstacles and changin exercises to add difficulty and improving their skills.

Obviously we divide riding groups by age and skills level, we do often plan riding lesson in bike parks, to focus more on downhill sometimes. We always reccomend to carry a well mantained bike, and to wear a helmet and a pair of gloves as well.

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Fat Bike

The construction of fat bikes has removed all limits to mountain bikes, in fact, thanks to the large tires, it is possible ride roads and trails covered by snow.

The Ride in Cortina team has discovered dozens of kilometers passable for fat bikes, electric fat bikes or normal fat bikes.

Thanks to the experience every Ride In Cortina Guide can guide you through the magical world of winter, through snow-covered roads and trails, always riding your mountain bike!

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