Our Guides

Our guides have passed a severe selection which includes: a race curriculum with at least two international races, a diploma as a National Mountainbike Guide, knowledge of at least two languages, a practical test in downhill and uphill, a test concerning the mechanics of the bicycle and a first aid test.

After passing these tests, you will become Guida #rideincortina.


Alessandro Zoppelli

Expert guide, suitable for those who want to increase their riding techniques. Alessandro has been racing since he was nine years old. in addition to having won several races at the regional level and excellent placings at the national level, he has participated in some enduro world cup stages (ews). Despite the constant commitment at a competitive level Alessandro has visited many bike parks and was confronted in driving mountain biking with many foreigners.


Marco de Col

Expert guide, suitable for those who want to increase their riding techniques. Marco has been racing for many years and in the last year Alessandro and Marco race for the same team, a team also supported by their business: the dolomiti bike company srls. Marco has won several races at regional level and has achieved excellent places at national level by participating in some enduro world cup stages (ews) in America, Canada and New Zealand.


Carlo Savio

The "master" of the group. Carlo has never appreciated the competitive world of mountain biking, despite this being a formidable raider, capable of riding a bike very quickly on any terrain. In addition to practicing downhill during the year, Carlo is an excellent climber, in fact he is also a sport climbing instructor. Carlo is a guide specialized in excursions, he knows Cortina and its mountains very well.


Alan Toffoli

For many years Alan has specialized in the non-competitive start-up of mountain biking for young people. Alan manages to convey safety to children who very often learn their balance by bicycle in a few hours or even trust themselves to travel some sections of the Socrepes bike park. In addition to having participated in dozens of mountain bike races (cross country), Alan is also an excellent skier, in fact he has participated in some expeditions in South America.